Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Daryle Lambert - The Bowl Can Mean more than Food.

We are preparing for that great feast,Thanksgiving. Bowls and bowls of delicious food. But there’s another type Bowl that is in the air this Thanksgiving that has nothing to do with food. The Rose, Orange, Cotton Bowls have nothing to do with food but they do mean football.

I played football because that was the thing to do at my high school. Even though I thought I was really good, now I know I wasn’t. I only weighed 155 lbs. But this time in my life instilled in me a love for the game. So, each and everyThanksgiving, aside from getting my fill of some really fine food, I usually get my fill of the game, too.

This brings me to the point of this blog. You see, a person could complete his/her 31Steps in the 31 Club Wealth Building plan, by just dealing in football memorabilia if they really wanted to. While we recommend that you widen your horizon to include many things, I have known people that will fulfill their dreams in only one field. My friend, Warner Smith, is doing this very thing with Lotton Glass, and I can assure you, he will complete his steps in the $1,000,000 Race.

So if you wanted to specialize in football items, you will find the field fresh for harvest. Individual players equipment, types of older uniforms, cards, advertisement, signatures,games, and the list can go on and on.

The great thing about sports collectibles, is that there will always be people that collect sports items. The market on these items ranges from the very inexpensive to the pinnacle of collectibles.

Don Maynard’s jersey from 1970, when he was with the New York Jets, could bring $8,000 today, Dan Marino’s shoes could be valued at $5,000. If you searched further back, I am sure that items belonging to Red Grange and others might well fetch many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You can Google football collectible prices and spend a wonderful afternoon bringing back the history of famous players you remember from your past.

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