Monday, November 12, 2007

STARTING AT HOME - There isn’t a Better Place for Finding Antiques and Collectibles.

I am talking to several new members of the 31 Club each day now, and the first thing they want to know is "How much time will I have to spend away from my house?" The answer, surprisingly, might be quite simple.

Just today I was talking to someone about how to get started on the journey to completing the 31 Steps in our guide book "31 Steps to your millions in Antiques and Collectibles." Believe it or not, after a few minutes of conversation, I was able to share that they probably wouldn’t even have to leave their home to complete the first five steps.

You see, this person was a empty nester. They began to ask me what this was worth and what that was worth. So my question to them was, "Why don’t you start your 31 Steps with what you already have." They didn't know they could do that. Then they really started opening up, " I have things of my mothers I would like to sell, and how about all the comic books and cars my children left here, would it be all right to sell those?" Surely these could all be a great start.

Could you be like this person, wondering where you could start, when all along it's been right in front of your face. You might find that while you are ridding yourself of the things that have been stored for years, this time will give you a great opportunity to study in preparation for the time that you will venture outside in search of more Treasures.

Cathy, one of our members, was the first to bring this to my attention. She has a shop and asked if it would be okay to start with some of the things that she already owned. That started me thinking.

Most of use have found that after a few years, we decide that it is time to have a garage sale. Putting an ad in the paper we get up early Friday or Saturday morning and wait impatiently for the bargain hunters to come by. They say we are asking too much, and finally, we give in and sell our items at what ever we can get for them.

Now you have a better option. The 31 Club. All you have to do is compile a list of what you have for sale, and we will tell you the value, or where to find its value, and then the best place to sell these items. I promise that your return will be greater than if you were to sell them in a garage sale.

If you go the garage sale route, within two months the money will be gone, and I doubt that you could even account for it. But, if you do as we suggest, it can start you on a journey that will astound you. That simple beginning might be your way to comfort during your retirement years

A great example of what being a part of this wonderful group can mean to you comes from a moment I had at church yesterday. One of our church members who has recently joined our group told me about an Amberina punch bowl that she had. It had been her mothers pride and joy and had managed to stay in mint condition all these years. She was wondering if it had value.

The strange thing about this conversation was that a few months ago, I met one of the most knowledgeable people on Amberina Glass in the country. I assured her that she wouldn’t have to wonder about its value much longer, because I was going to get her in touch with this gentleman. The same thing happened when a lady asked me about some of her oriental items. I was able to direct her to a wonderful gentleman that could answer all of her questions.

Working together, we are going to move mountains.

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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  1. Hi Daryle

    Cathy here, must comment. YES you can start with any items. I still sell from within my shop, certain items are put into the 31club folder, if you will, and the rest of the selling is 'my day job'! In the meantime I have been doing all I can to educate myself on the nuances of different manufacturers products, etc. I couldn't be happier, this is exactly where I want to be heading...

    And a very important message: it isn't all about the the final destination (STEP31), but the journey to it! So find something you enjoy and study it. Enjoy the STEPS along the way, it will only make the final destination that much more staisfying.

    Thank you Daryle for EVERYTHING!

  2. Thanks Cathy

    I appreciate all the help you have given me and the encouragment. it is great to see people really working to change things in their lives.

    God Bless