Tuesday, November 6, 2007

THAT SMELL - Can Mean Money to You Perfume and Scent Bottles for Both Men and Women

Perfume Bottles can be a wonderful scent for both men and women. In fact I knew a woman by the name of Sherry that made her living buying and selling only these bottles and she does quite well.

These wonderful bottles predate the ancient Egyptian empires but today days collectors are looking for the ones from the nineteenth and twentieth century. These examples can be found made of cut glass, pressed glass, art glass, silver, enamel and yes even plastic.

There seems to be a endless supply of these bottles to be found and this give the collector ample opportunity to add items to their collections. Also perfume bottles come in all price ranges from the beautiful decorative ones selling for only a few dollars to the special pieces made by the best manufactures that may command tens of thousands of dollars.

These bottles usually have a top and these tops can come in two styles first just the common closing ones that are required to keep the perfume from evaporating to the atomizers that are used to apply the perfume to the area on the body where it is to be used. The DeVilbiss Company is the best known producer of the atomizers, they started in business in 1888. Their pieces are marked and a high percentage of the bottles are also.

You will see examples of the perfume bottles at most sales you attend and often there will be real bargains to be had if your eye is sharp enough.

I think that you will recognize some of these names Christain Dior, Cartier, Chanel, Lucien Lelong just to mention a few. Believe it or nor you will find bottles that haven’t been opened where the content may be worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars. This can prove to be a nice little bonus because full these bottles will even have a higher price than if they were empty.

Lets look at some examples now Thomas Web and Sons cameo glass duck bill, value up to $10,000 plus, Christain Dior Dog shape, value $15,000 plus, Cut Glass triple miter Overlay valued at $12,000 plus, Lubin magda of woman’s head $9500 plus and I could go on and on. There is a guide book on these perfume bottle called, Perfume, Cologne and Scent Bottles by Jacquelyne North and Duane young. If you can find it I think this book will make you money by knowing the rare bottles from the common.

My favorites as you might expect are the ones made by Charles Lotton, you may want to go to his website www.lottongallery.com and look at several of his beautiful bottles. There are others by Lalique, Steuben and many other companies that command premium prices for their bottles. These fabulous scent bottles are in demand and we should expend the energy to fill this need.

One last little note there is a word factice which is used to refer the person to the large store display bottle and you will see these in your search. Since there are so few of these manufactured it is only reasonable to think their prices might be quit high and you would be right. These are usually filled with colored water.

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