Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Daryle Lambert - HOW COULD YOU FORGET BASKETBALL COLLECTIBLES? Being from Kentucky? Go Big Blue

I no sooner finished and posted my Football Collectible Blog when a Kentuckian -- a relative-- asked me, "What about Basketball, Daryle?" You see, people from Kentucky bleed blue for their basketball team.

So to keep peace in my family, here we go. Yes, basketball is in my blood. To this day, I remember My Dad taking me to the State Basketball Tournament when I was very young.

Owensboro High school had a player by the name of Cliff Hagan, and you might recognize that name today because of his Cliff Hagan Boys and Girls Club. Our school won the tournament, but what stands etched in my mind the most was when they rolled out the table with all of the trophies. I couldn't believe all the gold and silver shimmering right before my eyes. To me, that table looked like a mile long.

Cliff Hagan attended Kentucky University after high school. There, he became an All American under the tutelage of the Great Adolph Rupp. Cliff had the sweetest hook shot I have ever seen, even better than Lew Alcindor (Kareem Adul-Jabbar).

My next greatest basketball moment was when Kentucky played a game in our hometown. I was able to get all the coaches and player's autographs.

Just like football, there is a never ending search for items signed or used in games by the upper echelon players and coaches. Signed cards, programs, jerseys, shoes by the better known players can bring tens of thousands of dollars, and even more if they are extremely rare.

Oh, if I could only own a jersey that belonged to Bill Russell or Wilt Chamberlain. What a dream come true that would be. Do you remember The Big O or Pistol Pete? Now, that's going back quite a number of years, but as a child, I would marvel at the gymnastics these player could perform on the court. In his day, Magic Johnson was one of my favorite players. I can still see him in my mind's eye weaving in and out before exploding toward the basket.

Wondering about today's photo? That basketball belongs to a 15-year-old young man whose mother is part of the 31 Club Wealth Building. You might not be able to make out the signature, but it's Michael Jordan's. This young man's father was able to obtain Michael's autograph, when he was making a delivery to Michael's home. It was signed in person, right on Michael's own driveway, in honor of a very special occasion in this young man's life. Now, this young man, who had also had the privilege to see Michael in action at the many Bulls games he attended with his parents, has a real treasure.

The rare pieces of Basketball memorabilia will only increase in value, and these may show up anyplace. So do keep your eyes open at every sale you attend. That special piece might be in that old trunk or in the bottom of a sack in the back of a closet waiting to be discovered again.

Go hunting. And remember, you don’t need luck when you have knowledge.

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