Friday, November 23, 2007

Daryle Lambert - Holiday Aside, Back to Antiques, Collectibles & Fine Art Treasures

Thank you for the little break over Thanksgiving. Too much food and football, but alas,another Thanksgiving becomes a chapter of family history. It was wonderful.

These last couple of days have given me time to think about where we at 31 Club Wealth Building have started and the wonderful progress we've have together on the road to fulfilling our dreams. We have had some fantastic success stories and I believe they are just beginning. Cindy, Chris, Clarke and I have begun to lead you on your journey to find treasure. We are only beginning to ascend our 31 Steps to our Millions, and what better way to do this than to have an open discussion where we can share our ideas, experiences and knowledge and a place to track our progress.

Membership is growing at a wonderful rate and should pick up now that we are into the Christmas season and people are beginning to buy Christmas gifts. Why not share our book and club with someone near and dear to you?

Content both on the website and in the blog is gaining popularity, and members are responding at a ever increasing. So if you haven't contacted us yet, drop us an E-mail with your comments and questions, and let us know you're out there. I would say that we are definitely on target. But that still leaves us to find the answers we are looking for on how to complete The Million Dollar Race. I think I have it. We need more information to work, with so here we go.

At the present time art work, both American and European, appear to be where the big money is. So, where do we find the knowledge needed to compete in this field? One suggestion is to find a set of the books by William H. Gerdts call Art Across America. This set come in three volumes. The East and Mid-Atlantic, The South and The Midwest, The Plains and The West. By studying these books you will familiarize yourself with the greatest artists of this country. There are hundreds of artist that most dealers will not have heard of, and if you find a painting by one of them, you will have found a treasure. I made a list of all the artists mentioned in the book on The South and Mid-West to keep in my wallet. You might want to do this with several books that list artists. After all, we know that it is virtually impossible to commit to memory all the listed artists there could potentially be great finds for. We'd really appreciate any support for the club, and you can help keep us going by ordering used or new books through our Amazon Link. If you don't find what you're looking for there, try Abes Books.

Sometimes the treasures we find might not be in dollar value, but be personal treasures, priceless in our mind and heart.

I participated in a service at the Glen Oakes Nursing Home on Wednesday night, which is something I've been doing regularly for a while now. When the service was over, a wonderful lady I know asked if I would visit one of the people that was not able to attend that night.

Joan C. greeted us with her warm smile as we entered the room. I found out that Joan had served others for forty years as a nurse until illness and the loss of a leg ended her career. She'd been married for fifty seven years, had five children and twelve grandchildren, was a member of Mensa, and had accepted Jesus when she was seventeen. We had a lot in common right off the bat. It wasn't until I started admiring the beautiful paintings on the walls in her room that I was pleasantly surprised to discover that she was the artist. And a very accomplished one. I immediately picked one of her pieces I wanted to buy, but before I could get the words out, my friend said she wanted to buy that one. I said, "No you don't!" We both laughed because she knew I had my eye on that one, and being gracious she told me I can have it. We prayed together, and I am certain Joan and I will become close friends. Wednesday, I added a real treasure to my personal collection from a very special artist. This personal treasure will always be with me. --Daryle

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  1. Thank you Daryle for yet another lovely blog.

    Would love to see a photo of the painting you purchased. Is it the beautiful one pictured? Did you negotiate? Did she price it...interested in more of the story.

    The woman (artist) sounds like she has led... and continues to lead... a blessed life