Wednesday, November 7, 2007

NEED HELP GETTING AROUND - Why Not Use a Cane? Antique Canes.

We might all need a little assistance some day, so why not consider a cane. In fact, you might look pretty smart if you own one today.

In the nineteenth century, every well-dressed gentleman used a cane, or a walking stick as they were often referred to in their day. This was the height of fashion. A man in a tuxedo would have appeared undressed if his attire didn't include a snappy walking stick. What lady would be seen with a man that didn't have the appropriate cane? How dare a gentleman call on a lady without this symbol of prosperity?

But by World War II, styles had changed, and the walking stick or cane went out of style and was used only by the infirmed. Most of the time today, you will find canes relegated to the basement or closet, but in its day! Wow! Could there be treasures, again, found in the basement or attic.

But, let's go back now to that hay day when walking sticks were king, when every dapper gentleman was sporting a wonderfully decorated cane. You see, walking sticks or canes, weren't just for physical support, but had many numerous and inventive uses, too. Some had hidden swords in them, while others served as whiskey flasks, so that a man could take that quick drink if needed. No expense was spared to show that your cane would set you apart from others of less financial means. They where often decorated with ivory. Diamonds, rubies, and other precious jewels often adorned the ivory. Gold and Silver often made up the handles of the most expensive walking sticks. Many canes were made of porcelain and enamel decorated with miniature portraits and other images.

Believe it or not, there are collectors that have hundreds of glass canes in their collection. I personally think that the glass canes may be the most beautiful of all. These are true works of art produced by the best glass tradesmen of the day.

So be on the lookout for these wonderful items from our past. They may be found in the corner of a room or in a attics, totally out of sight. Search them out, because the rewards can be outstanding. A presentation cane with a gold handle can command from a few thousand dollars to well over $20,000. The American record for a single cane was set on May 6, 2006 when $44,592 was the top bid for a single cane at Tradewinds Cane Auction

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