Friday, November 2, 2007


From my days as a trader, I have learned that the best time to buy is when others are selling. This is called being a contrarian. There will always be a time to buy everything, and this just might be the time for Depression Glass.

For you young folks, these pieces of tableware were given as premiums by companies such as gas stations and grocery stores as an enticement to buy their other merchandise. This was a very successful selling tool for many companies for a long time. Therefore, as you can imagine, there were thousands, if not millions of pieces produced, and they could be found on every table in America.

During the fifties and sixties they became a very desired collectible. People collected certain patterns such as Sharon, Royal Lace, Princess, Mayfair, Madrid and Miss America just to name a few. American SweetHeart and Cherry Blossom may have been the most collected of all, and you could see pieces of these patterns at every sale you attended.

There were rare pieces even then in Depression Glass such as butter dishes, cheese dishes, pitchers, cake plates and candy jars. Since there were so many pieces made, it was easy to collect it, and a lot of people had fairly large collections. They were always looking for the rarer pieces to add to their collections, and so the hunt began.

You can see that not much has changed, the rare pieces were hardest to find, and what really divided the rare from the common was color. A blue console in the American Sweetheart pattern will bring close to $2,000 today. How would you like to find that for a couple of dollars? Blue was where it was at.

So what has happened? The people that remembered Depression Glass are mostly past the collecting age, and the young people haven’t pick it up yet. But they will soon enough. You see, all about cycles.

What I find most unusual, however, is when a collectibles falls from favor, then all the pieces in that collectible seem to start selling at the same price regardless of their rarity. This is where the real treasures begin to appear. These can be just waiting for you to find them. When you do find them, the real collectors will be knocking your doors down to buy them from you.

There are many books written about Depression Glass, and I would highly recommend that you get acquainted with the patterns and colors of each one. I believe this glass can be a big money maker for you and help as you move through the 31 Steps I speak of in my book, 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles. Why not use these pieces in the early stage of your ascent up the steps toward your personal wealth?

Take extra time to examine each piece of depression glass. Any damage will reduce its value to almost zero. There are reproductions in a couple of patterns you should stay away from, and the books will show you how to recognize these.

Today most people just think of Depression Glass as just a colorful way to brighten up their tables, but to the true collector of these pieces they are like diamonds.

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I want to, again, thank all of you for your prayers for my son, Daryle II. The first report seemed very good, but now they say he has blockage on his right side and may need surgery. So again, I would like for you to keep him in your prayers.

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