Friday, November 9, 2007

ANOTHER KEPT PROMISE - Treasures Still Out There. Art Pottery

I will always do my best when it comes to satisfying a promise that I have made to you. Just a few days ago, I got a report about the great find one of our members made and his surprise when it sold at Cincinnati Art Galleries auction.

Here's the great report: Cecil R bought a piece of pottery just from his experience of looking at quality pieces. It was totally unmarked, but there was something about it that said, "You be sure to buy me," which he did.

This goes back to lessons that I have shared with you in the past. The more items you visually examine, the better your eye will become at detecting quality even if the piece isn’t marked. I am going to let Cecil's words speak for themselves. Here is a E-mail I received from Cecil yesterday.

"Daryle: Perfect timing on the article about knowing quality. I recently bought a vase at auction that was not signed and I thought it may be a rare piece of Camark Pottery (which was made in Arkansas). However, when I got home I found that it was similar, but not Camark. After a few days of it sitting there, I had to put my "research cap" on and find out who made the piece. To my amazement, I found out it was made by Owens Pottery of Zanesville, Ohio and that it is one of the rarest patterns made by Owens! The pattern is called "Opalescent Inlaid" and was only made in the last year and one-half that Owens was in business, which was from 1896 to 1907.

The vase was not marked in any way, but I knew it to be a quality piece when I saw it at auction, just by examining the craftsmanship of the vase. I bid the piece to $25.00 and the auctioneer almost said the magic word "Sold!", when another bidder decided he like it too. I won the bidding at $80.00. Even though I did not know at the time who made it, I was certain that I would make a reasonable profit. Last week, the vase sold at auction in Cincinnati. The price: $2,400.00! Not bad for a piece that was unmarked and unsigned! CECIL"

Quite a story, wouldn’t you say? With in a year, I know we will be publishing several stories a week like this from our members. I am sure that your name will be among the ones we list. I would like for the ones writing the obituary for this business to tell Cecil that these aren’t the greatest times in history to be selling Antiques and Collectibles.

It won’t take long before you will begin to develop the eye necessary to spot these unmarked treasures. You see, Cecil didn't have any idea who made that vase. He only knew that it might have looked like a piece that he had seen previously by another company and was a piece of quality craftsmanship. It turned out to be even better than he thought.

Great guns! Just four more steps in Cecil's race to his millions from this sell. You bet I am sure that Cecil has read my book, 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles. The only worry I have is that he might beat me to the finish line! I am looking back every day to see which one of you is gaining on me and the 31 Gang.

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