Saturday, December 1, 2007

Daryle Lambert - YOU GO GIRL

Today I would just like to take a little of your time to say, WOW. What a job Cindy is doing for us. This week or so the 31 Club and its book, 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles will be in two Antique and Collectible publications, and it is due to her hard work and efforts. I hope you will assist me in giving her a great big hand of thanks.

The publisher of Discover Mid-America, Bruce Rogers, is running a informative and exciting article on the fresh perspective we offer, and I received notice that a book review is will be in the Maine Antique Digest for December. I may be putting the cart before the horse because I don't know what they are going to say, but I have been told it is better for others to say bad things about you rather than say nothing at all.

This is just half of the story of how Cindy is putting the 31 Club out front where all of you can be seen. There will be thousands upon thousands reading your success stories, and this will encourage others to follow in your footsteps to become the person they always wanted to be.

Have you heard of the, Well you will be because Cindy has just started a 31 Club group on Cafe Moms called 31 Club-Fun & Profit with Antiques & Collectibles. All you Moms might want to check this out. This will be from a mothers in todays society as well as parenting through involvement. She can be found by going to and typing in 31Club in the group search. I think that you will want to join Cindy in this very worthwhile venture. I am constantly amazed how God has brought this group together. Chris and Cindy are what I call my dynamic duo. Batman and Robin have nothing on this pair.

Two days ago my computer completely crashed, and if you don't know what happens to me if I can't get something done, its best you don't know. But Chris and Cindy were able to settle me down and we did manage to get through it well. Thanks Chris and Cindy.

The excitement is building with every passing day and I want to thank each and everyone of our members for being there for us through this beginning phase of our 31Club. I know that I have asked you to pass the message that there was a different to think and now we are getting the support of others to bring this message of hope into this negative and often misguided world. If we think of others, our needs will be meet, I think that I read that somewhere before, don't you?

I have been getting book orders with notes asking if we could ship directly to the person receiving the gift, and the answer to that is a great big yes. What better gift to give at this season than a gift of hope. Jesus said go and feed my people. That is what your 31 Club intends to do.
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