Thursday, November 19, 2009

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Tomorrow I will be flying to Florida with my family to spend a couple of days with my daughter. Yes, mom is still in very poor shape but I have been told that it could be weeks before I will be called home. It seems that my life is being pulled in many directions but I know the Lord is in control so I have little to fear.

Thinking about my flight, I decided to research airline collectibles and boy, did I get a surprise. It seems that there is a large contingent of collectors for anything that was made by the different lines. I didn't realize how many airlines have come and gone or merged with one another. I found that if one of the lines ceased to exist, their items seem to be in the highest demand.

Here are just a few items that are collected and searched for by these avid collectors: china with the company's emblem, glasses, posters (you won't believe what some of them bring), uniforms for pilots and stewardess, caps and hat pins and advertising signs. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to airline collectibles but you will found it interesting compiling you own list. The items that you will discover are almost endless and anything mentioning an airline will be sought after by the collectors. Checking eBay, I found that these items have the best completion rate of almost any other group of collectibles that I have studied.

Looking at the advertising auctions, I found where posters have brought in thousands of dollars while models of the aircrafts sell in the high hundreds. Here are three rather interesting items that sold on eBay. First, a United Airlines sign featuring a Tiki brought $550 while a figurine of a Hula dancer had 24 bids and settled at $466.99. Not to be left out, Barbie had her own American Airlines stewardess outfit at $375. Keep an eye out for anything that is adorned with the symbol or logo of a present or past airline company.

I promise I will be tucking away several of the napkins, barf bags and about anything else I can get my hands on. It would really be neat if I could talk the airline out of one or two posters to hang on Joshua's wall because he is studying to be a pilot and already spends hours on the computer with his simulators. Josh is already saying he wants to take the flying courses offered at the high school he will be attending and I believe this may be our next father and son venture into collecting together.

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