Friday, November 13, 2009

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Good Night

I just returned home after consulting with the doctor's and the news isn't good. Mom only has a few days to live but 91 years isn't bad. I have had one hour sleep since Wed. at 4:00 AM so I will be going to bed soon.

I do have to share some news with you however and it is that my friend Owen is closing his Antique shop and I ask him why? “ There are only lookers” was his answer and believe me he has some fabulous things.

This is the trend today, fix locations are closing at an unbelievable rate but guess what, that is go news for us. There is still the same amount of items to buy so by so many shops and malls closing it will give us more opportunities to purchase the better items.

This was just a quick note but hopefully tomorrow I will be back up to speed.


  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

  2. God BLess you during this difficult time. I was in the same situation last year, my mom passed on Nov 14, 2008, age 73. So be grateful for the many years you've had, and know she will always be with you.

    ♥ They say its a beautiful journey From the old world to the new Some day we will take that journey To the staircase that leads to you And when we reach that garden Where all are free from pain We'll put our arms around each other And never part again.♥

    Cathy Collins