Friday, November 6, 2009

Cincinnati Art Galleries Sale – Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectibles Blog – Pottery to Glass.

David Smallhouse's Octopus

This weekend will be a great test for the Pottery and Art Glass markets because Cincinnati Art Galleries has an outstanding auction Saturday and Sunday. I believe the art glass and pottery will shine in this auction, even if the selection of Rookwood pottery might be a little sub par for their auctions.

This sale should give us a clue as to what is happening in the world of Weller Pottery because there is one of the better collections of Weller that I have ever seen selling this weekend. Many of the pieces of Weller are signed by their better artists and should do very well. But Weller isn't the only pottery that is well represented in this auction. There is Roseville, Grueby and yes, absolutely fantastic pieces of Newcomb. Pottery collectors will be in attendance at this sale and I expect that prices will be on the rise. The number and quality of the Rookwood pieces might be on the average side but I will still be interested to see if the audience judges them as I do.

Cincinnati Art Galleries is fairly new to the Art Glass market but Karen has done a beautiful job of attracting top of the line art glass to their sales. There should be a strong performance for the glass with pieces of Tiffany, Steuben and other glasses exceeding their estimates. After this sale we should be able to judge with confidence whether these markets are really on the rise and I think the answer to that is "yes".

To my surprise, this is the first auction where I have seen David Smallhouse and Rick Satava represented with enough pieces to say whether or not there is a real secondary market for their items. If you look at the catalog, I believe that it will be love at first sight. In my case, I am only waiting for the right opportunity to add both these artists' works to my personal collection.

Talking to Warner today, he shared with me that his foreign buyer is back but the question is what can he sell him, because the collection is getting rather thin. As we talked, however, we both agreed that it might be time to seriously consider a rather large investment in Smallhouse and Satava inventory. Since very little of these artists' glass has sold at auction, you might want to keep your eyes open for bargains. I love the little octopus, frogs and jelly fish. The markets are heating up going into Christmas so stay on your toes for bargains.

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