Sunday, November 22, 2009

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50's Furniture

I still haven’t found anything here in Florida that has peaked my interest but I have discovered a nest of great pieces that were right there for me to harvest. You are asking then why haven’t I purchased them if they could be mine at anytime?

You see those items are the entire house full of 50’s furniture in my mother’ home. I have talked to my brothers and sister and it seems that none of them wants this type of furniture but I informed them that fifties furnishing are very collectible whenever the time comes for us to sell them. I remember when my parents purchase this furniture and how proud they where to have new furnishings, up to that time our home was filled with hand me downs.

There is an important lesson to be learned here and that is don’t forget the things that you may have the chance to sell that may be closest to you. In this case it is items belonging to my family that will be sold and I can help my siblings by sharing my knowledge with them. My suggestion was this type of furniture would bring nothing in Owensboro Kentucky but In Chicago it should do quite well. Hopefully these Items will be sent to Chicago to be sold.

This reminds me of when I visited a wonderful ladies home and she shared with me that she and her husband had purchase a house full of new furniture in the fifties and that after enjoying it for all these years she sold seven pieces for over $35,000. One of the pieces was perhaps the most awful looking lamp that I had ever seen that sold for over $12,000. The other pieces were a couple of tables, one couch, two chairs and coffee table.

I will be back in Chicago Wednesday where Ondre again will be able to correct my grammer.

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  1. It is amazing to me when even dealers don't know what they have. I bought a Drexel Precedent dining room set with a teak drop leaf table and 6 maple chairs for $350 in Denver last summer to furnish my small apartment. According to a big mid-century seller on eBay it was designed by Edward Wormley in 1947 and worth at least $3000! It looks gorgeous in my place too.