Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Last Night - Daryle Lambert’s Antique and Collectibles Blog - Going Home

I have been away from home to long but tomorrow I will sleep in my own bed again. There are reasons for being away from home and these last few days have been required me to be away but I haven’t done much as far as the business. I am beginning to believe that the best things in life happen to you near home both in life and business.

It seems that if you are at home you have the home advantage at lest this is what has happened to me lately. Trying to do business far from home requires trusting others and I have found that often if I am not working with someone I know there can be problems. Take for example the painting that I have refunded the money on, if this had been done in the Chicago area I believe the results would have been totally different.

Doing business with auction houses that know you can often prevent mistake because they will protect you as a continuing customer while an auction that you are doing business with for the first time might give you little consideration. Also if my buyer are local they see what they are purchasing so there isn’t mistake about the condition of an item and I find these transactions usually stay completed.

I am really tire from all that has happened over the last week so I will be signing off but you can be confident that the tips and information that is helpful to the members of the “ Daryle Lambert Antique and Collectible Club “ will resume with past quality starting tomorrow. Please pray for my safe return.

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