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I have to admit there are few things that surprise me any more but when I picked up the Antique Week and found where the Cincinnati Art Galleries had sold the auction this did catch me off guard.

After reading the article however I realize that it is probably the best for everyone. The Sandler family wish to maximize the efforts in the art field and this will give them more time for those endeavors. However what is going to happen to the pottery and glass auctions you are asking? This is where it really gets exciting.

The Rookwood Pottery company is purchasing the auction part of the business and Riley Humler will be the new gallery director for Rookwood Pottery. He will also bring with him other art and pottery experts to assure that the auctions will continue to be the best in the business.

I have been doing business with Mr. Humler for over 20 years and I have to say he is perhaps the most honest man that I have ever know. During our dealings together he has always kept my best interest up most in his mind and I have used his expertise more times than I would like to think. In fact you may remember that when I made my largest deal and talked about going to Cincinnati to consult with an expert, that expert was Riley Humler. That consultation resulted in me selling a painting for over $115,000.

Over the years Riley has help me to become successful in this business like the time I took a very plain looking Rookwood vase to him only to have him tell me that it was a very rare piece. I sold this small vase for almost ten times what I would have accept from a buyer if I hadn't received that knowledge from Riley.

I wish Riley and his whole staff much success in their new surroundings and I hope that all my reader will consider them when selling Art Pottery and Glass.

I hope that in the future we will be able to receive comments on the blog but that doesn't seem to be happening at the present time. I would appreciate if you would send all comment to until I can solve this problem.

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