Monday, November 30, 2009

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Does He Have Your Present?

There isn't much time left before it will be too late to help someone fill their Christmas wish. If you put that special gift on eBay this week, the buyers can still receive it before Christmas. It is about now when everyone starts to panic about what they are going to give that special person. Yes, there are people that are responsible but I find that many are just like me and put their shopping off to the last minute.

Look through your inventory and see what items might make that special gift for someone and list as many as you find on eBay, but here is a suggestion. Instead of running the listing for seven days, make it just three. This will give you extra time to ship and the buyer will be assured that the gift will be under that tree on Christmas day.

I can think of many items that would make a true collector’s eyes shine, like a wonderful Rookwood vase, a Lalique figurine, a Meissen Grouping or even a painting. I know from personal experience that when the pressure is on to buy that special person a gift and time is running out, I really don't worry about the price. That will play to your advantage if there are others like me and I think there are.

There is another side to this story and here it is. There is no other time during the year when people feel that they need money more than around Christmas and that is especially true this year when most are reluctant to put their purchases on credit cards. So what can people do to not go further in debt? You got it. Sell something. That is where you can be the white knight and help them. I have made some of my greatest buys in November and December. Because the economy is so tight, your negotiating power will be enhanced and I think you will find people more willing to accept your offers than usual.

You do know that retail stores can make up to 80% of their profit in the last two months of the year and this could also apply to you. So this isn't the time to sit back and wait for next year and pat ourselves on the back for what a great year we had. Be motivated because this is the stretch run and we are near the finish line.

Good Luck Santa and Mrs. Claus

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