Sunday, November 22, 2009

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God be With Us

My mother passed yesterday and I am not sure if I have accepted it as real yet. The woman that gave me birth is no longer there to except my phone calls or send me letters. Yes I know that she is in a better place and there is no longer pain but at this moment that seems to give me very little comfort.

I will be trying to keep the blogs going but over the next few days it might be very difficult. I am in Florida and won’t be in Chicago until Wednesday. It is very hard to think of money at times like this because it seems so worthless but I will share some thoughts with you..

I spent the day looking over so many items in places that call themselves antique shops but found that these places may have forgotten what an antique is. I was not even tempted to make one bid all day long so what does that tell you. Yes the personal contacts, garage and house sales seem to the last opportunity to find treasures for resale in these markets.

I have told you to keep your money until you are sure that what you’re buying is a real bargain and to day that is even more important than when I first wrote it. I didn’t talk to a single person that was selling anything and most of them were just trying to hang on. There is a time coming when the market will improve but it still isn’t there yet even if I want it to be. The only markets that seem to be stable are the upper end items and even then I would hope you have an idea where you will place the items before you purchase them.

You will be hearing from me and I ask for your prayers.

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