Monday, November 9, 2009

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Here we are again with people all over the place saying that gold will go to $5000 an ounce. But you know my feelings about gold, that it is no longer a hedge against inflation, but just another commercial metal. In fact I believe it will soon top out near where it is at the present time, around $1100 per ounce. That old saying "If everyone is on the same side of the boat go to the other side", will prove right again as gold retraces its rise and declines back to $500 per ounce.

How can we make money with this huge increase in the price of gold you may be asking? The answer is that the best way to profit from this artificial rise in price is to find gold where others pass it by. I was talking to my wife's stepmother yesterday because she was visiting our home for Vickie's birthday. She asked if gold coins had any value today because she had several of them. Rather than just answer her question, I took her to my computer and brought up the completed sales of gold coins on eBay. You should have seen her eyes as I showed her where $20 gold pieces were bringing $3000 and more. Even the $5 and $1 coins were selling for $500 to $2500 each. I could see that adding machine in her head doing its job. Her next question was where can I sell them? It didn't take me long to inform her of what I thought the best way to dispose of these coins was and all she had to do was depend on me.

Have you asked anyone recently if they had coins that they might want to sell, because in your opinion this was the time to sell them? Probably not, but it still isn't too late to start, You may want to buy these pieces outright or charge a commission for your services selling them. Either way you will come out way on top. However, why stop there? Ask if they have any gold jewelry or ink pens that have gold included in their construction? With this gold market where it is, you need to make hay while the sun is shining. I heard that from my grandfather.

Most house sale conductors will know what they have in the way of gold and they usually overprice the items they are selling. You will have much better luck at garage sales and consignment shops. Never go out without your jeweler's loupe because you will never know when the opportunity to purchase these objects might occur. Please don't forget to ask the people you run into if they know of anyone who has gold items to sell and if they do, be sure to deal with them honestly. Our plan isn't to take advantage of anyone but to do a fair service for them. Since this price for gold has risen to such high levels, every snake has slithered out from beneath their rock and I am sure you have seen their ads for buying gold. There are even gold parties where they tell you about how wonderful the opportunity is to bring your gold to the party and what a fantastic price you will receive for it but you will be deceived.

Yes, this is a special time to own gold objects but I believe it will be short term so now is the time to strike while the iron is hot.

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