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Steve McQueen - Thanks to Flicker

I have loved cars ever since I was given my first one, a 1955 Chevy. Through the years I have owned Corvettes, MG TD's, Studebaker Golden Hawks, Thunderbirds and one of my favorites, a Mazda. People that love cars may not be able to own the actual cars but to deal in automobile memorabilia can be just as satisfying.

We have talked about the expensive hood ornaments, hub caps and toy cars but there is another area that can be quite profitable and that is paper goods used to advertise the automobile industry. First, you may want to buy posters that feature cars. They don't necessarily have to represent any particular automobile. Often travel posters show cars and racing posters can also bring a pretty penny. But posters aren't the only paper items that command fair prices. Owner's manuals, advertisements, photographs and ownership papers on cars owned by celebrities are eagerly sought after by the collector. Some of my favorite collectibles are the old magazines such as Road and Tracks and Car Action.

If you become known for having a quantity of paper car collectibles, the buyers will hunt you up and, since this hobby isn't that expensive compared to some others, your inventory will turn very quickly. One thing that I have found is that automobile collectors usually concentrate on one brand such as Chevy, Ford or Chrysler, with some preferring foreign makes. I have found that many items that I buy to resell take quite a bit of room, for instance I now have to rent space just for my inventory, but with paper items the need for space is minimized.

Let’s look at a few items that are for sale today. First, there is a Steve McQueen Bullitt movie poster listed for over $11,500 from 1969. If that is a little rich for your blood, how about the early 1900 Peugeot French poster for $1800. I also found where a 1971 Mercedes poster was bringing $82.25 while a racing poster with a Mercedes was selling for $350. Even the 1972 Corvette poster sold for $150 while another Steve McQueen from Bullitt made in America brought $599.

I have just about run out of space on this blog but don't forget about the other items that I mentioned because they will help you on your way to success.

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