Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I've Been Holding Back about New Site – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – The wait is almost over.

Our New Logo - Do You Like It?

This may have been the longest year of my life because the new home site for the “Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club” just didn't seem likely to become a reality. But that is all fixing to change and today I saw what our future site will look like. Bob Zehnder and his wife Karla have been working behind the scenes to give me all the services that I wanted our members to receive from the new site. I am confident that within two weeks the site will be functional but even then we will have a lot of work to do before I feel that our members are receiving everything that I have promised.

The marketplace will have more flexibility and the search engine will make items readily accessible to the viewer. The buyers will be able to purchase items owned by the Club immediately and those consigned will be fixed so that offers can be made and accepted through Paypal. The blog will be shown on the home page by clicking the blog button, giving us more space to present the rest of our story. Yes, the archives will work and hopefully I can soon announce some exciting changes that will show up in our archives. Your comments will be shown and the other readers and I will see them with the answers. No comment will go unanswered.

The programs such as the “Associates Program” and the “Million Dollar Race” will be a prominent part of our program again. When I post the new entries on the Club's inventory sheet, I believe that you will see that the Club is still in the race. The Members Section, which has been slighted, will become something that all members will be proud of and want to share with their friends. Our “Affiliate Program” will be listed and hopefully there will be a great number of people that will want to put our affiliate program on their sites. We will also be extending offers to others to put more of their affiliates on our site to help our members.

But this is the time that I need to call on all of our readers to answer how the new site could service them better. In what ways could our site make it more profitable for you to be a member of the Club? What would you like to be shown or offered that would enhance your experience as one of our members? These are just two questions that I would like for you to help with and I feel sure that you can supply many more. I am so excited that finally the hard work is going to pay off and you, the members, will be the recipients, thanks to your patience and faith in our Club. If you would like to discuss the coming changes, you may also call 847-784-8544 and I promise we can talk until all your questions are answered.

Thanks for sticking it out. Be assured that those treasures that I dreamed about so many years ago after reading Treasure Island will soon be ours.

I hope that in the future we will be able to receive comments on the blog but that doesn't seem to be happening at the present time. I would appreciate if you would send all comment to www.31corp.com until I can solve this problem.

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