Tuesday, December 1, 2009

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Lenox Christmas Plate - Thanks to oritomo.co.jp

I have been saying that “Collector Plates” were the worst buy out there for the last 20 years and I put them on my don't buy list for the last two. I have been right all this time but now this may be changing.

Over the last few years at house and garage sales, I have seen groups of 25 to 50 plates sell for one dollar or less apiece. I had no interest in reselling these for two dollars each because I thought my time was worth more than what it would take to box and ship them. Even at the Direct Auction sales which I attend, I have seen as many as 20 plates go unsold because they didn't even reach the $20 minimum.

The lack of interest in “Collector Plates” might be changing and I will give you the reason why. With money tight and expensive collectibles out of the reach of so many people today, there still is a fever to collect in most people. Another reason that people might be buying plates is that they can give a gift of a plate that originally cost several hundred dollars and only invest a few dollars in it. If you are a collector today, you can put together a fairly large collection of plates that cost the first buyers thousands of dollars for just a few hundred. Who hasn't seem Hummel or Bing and Grondahl plates hanging on a friend’s or parent’s wall?

I tell the story in my book “31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles” about the twelve Royal Worcester plates that I bought for $400 that cost the original buyer $3600 (so how could I go wrong, right?) Well, I kept those plates and carried them around to two other houses I moved to over a ten year period and finally sold them at auction here in Chicago for $300. I have to laugh because I told myself at least I didn't lose as much as the first buyer. I believe that I would be more than glad to purchase them back today for what I sold them.

You, in your search, could very easily run across someone who has inherited a plate collection that can be bought for a few dollars. It may be the right decision for you to buy them. I have to admit that I have had numerous people ask me what to do with the collection of plates they inherited and my pat answer has always been to get whatever you can for them. But this is a different time and I believe that now, with the prices where they are for plates, it might be a good time to change our direction when it comes to this collectible.

Here are just a few names of companies that produced plates that you might be well advised to pick up: Bing and Grondahl, Lenox and Wedgwood and I am sure that there are others. I will just give you a quick list of plates that have sold on eBay; there are others that didn't sell but their asking prices were from $500 to well over $1000. Here’s the list: Bing and Grondahl 1902 plate - $375, Hummel 9 plates $350, Hamilton Wizard of Oz plates[8] - $300, Lenox 1993 Christmas plate - $175, I love Lucy plate - $150, Lenox 1994 Christmas plate - $149, Wedgwood Sugaring plate - $127.50, Nancy Ward Christmas plate - $125 and one last one, Danbury Boston Terrier plate - $89.

If any of the above plates had been purchased for a couple of dollars or less, they could help you to a Merry Christmas.

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