Saturday, February 28, 2009

"College Memorabilia” - Daryle Lambert

Yes it is a time for a Change
Reward Excellence

Since Obama is going to send everyone to college whether they are prepared or not, the collector base for college collectibles should be expanded. I wonder if he realizes that if everyone went to college the country would have to increase the number of colleges 100 fold? Does he not think that there should be any requirements to attend college? In fact, it looks as if he wants college degrees to have as little value as some high school diplomas do today where the schools have dummied down the requirements for graduation so low a chimpanzee could graduate from them.

I am a strong advocate of education but if it is given free it should be earned and appreciated. To me an education isn't a right but a privilege. Why do we think that drop out rates at some schools are approaching 70%? Is it because students are learning how to support themselves on the street better than in the class room? Yes, it may be an education on how to beat the system, but it works for them as our welfare rolls are expanding at an alarming rate. In Europe education is free but the students have to continue the grade point average through each grade so that they may progress to the next level. If these courses aren't passed their opportunity to advance in their chosen profession ends. When are we going to put pride back into our education system?

Excuse me for going off on a little tangent but I will try to get back on the point of collectibles. Being able to provide people with what they want is our goal and after leaving college most graduates are interested in the items from their schools, past and present.

Here is a great little story. I found a pottery tennis plaque that was given as a trophy in the 30's or 40's. It had the name of the person that was the winner of the tournament and the person that designed the plaque on its the back. It was from the North Dakota School of Mines. I thought it was unusual so I purchased it for about $50 I think, and posted it on eBay. Wow! I wasn't prepared for all the interest and information I received. I got email from individuals that knew these people on the plaque and even told me stories about the school. I think that it finally sold for a little more than $500. When you find items that can be identified as belonging to a certain person you will find it very rewarding to try and return it to someone in their family or even themselves.

Watch for trophies that are engraved to a person or banners that have been autographed. Year books with signatures, school books that have a person’s name in them and photographs that are signed on the back and give the name of the ones in the photograph can be sure winners. Use your imagination and I am sure you will come up with many other college items that someone would want to own.

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