Thursday, February 5, 2009

Daryle Lambert: Make Money with Josef Originals

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Want to make a quick $100? That may sound like a foolish question but as I talked to Frank at, his words were that the lower end items are still selling at a rapid pace. So I thought I would give you one of those items that will put cash in your pocket.

Josef Originals were made in California from 1945 to 1962 and they were a cheaper substitute for the more expensive figurines that were produced in Europe. Ladies were the largest part of the collection but there were also animals. Muriel Joseph George was the designer who was ahead of her time. When others were producing their wares in the USA, she took her designs to be produced in Japan. The company has been sold twice since its beginning, once to George Good in 1982 and then to the Southland Corp. in 1985.

Even the figurines that were made after the company’s sale still carried the name “Josef Originals”. These little figurines have almost become a collecting icon. The good thing for us is only the avid collectors know their value so often they can be picked up for a song. I have seen many of them at garage sales priced at half a dollar or less. They are one collectible that I feel is still climbing in value as they attract more and more collectors. The greatest part is that the collectors of these figurines are true collectors but they don't have to be millionaires to build a wonderful collection.

I am sure that the earlier pieces will bring the highest dollar and by watching what sells on eBay and also consulting the Kovel price guide, you will become familiar with the figurines most in demand. I have seen many that are listed on eBay bring from $150 to $200. Now for an old Kentucky Hillbilly $.50 to $200 is quite a gap. Who says there isn't treasure among all the trash?

Young people will come back to collecting by finding something to collect that doesn't break the bank. In fact, if you introduce people to these interesting little figurines you may be forming your own market. I have written about Warner Smith and Lotton glass and that is actually what he did . He shared the Lotton Glass with everyone he met and soon he was the Lotton guy. Just something for you to think about.

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