Friday, February 13, 2009

Daryle Lambert: Is It Time to Sit Back and Have a Coke?

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I am looking around and it seems that everyone is in a panic mode and the real question is should we be? I don't think so and here is why. Yes, people are watching and waiting, but as this happens it presents special opportunities to purchase the better items at unbelievable bargain prices. So again, if anything is bought at the right price, the expectation should be for a better than average return. This is what I believe is happening in the Antique and Fine Art business today.

Lets say you buy a Coca-Cola bookmark, Drink Coca-Cola, 1903, 5 cents 2 X 6 inches. for fifty dollars. Should you expect an above average return on your investment? I think that any advanced collector of Coca-Cola would be willing to pay you $1000 for it and I would think that is a better return than you would receive from your local bank. The last time I checked if I put that same $50 in my bank account I would have received less than $51.50 at the end of a whole year for it. I will never live long enough for that $50 to be $1000 if I leave it in my bank account. Can this happen to you? Sure it can because that story that I share happened to me.

While we are at it why don't we explore more of the opportunities that Coca-Cola presents to us? First, did you know that Coke at one time had an unmentionable ingredient, I will let you guess what it was but here is a clue. It is illegal to own it today. Coke is such a common name today that in fact when someone asks for a Coke they may be pointing at a orange soda. The name has become the generic name for all soft drinks. This wonderful all-American drink was first sold in Atlanta Georgia in 1886 and was patented in 1893.

The range of Coke collectibles is inexhaustible. I will give you a short list of the categories that are sought after by the collectors: bottles, calendars, coolers, signs, trays and carriers. The Kovel price guide gives you a pretty extensive list of prices but nothing compares to the price guides published for just Coca-cola. These can be purchased on I personally have a bottle with a round bottom that won’t stand up with my home town of Owensboro Kentucky on it. It is priceless to me but truthfully it has a value of perhaps $25 - $50. You can see that Coke has something for everyone.

How would you like to run across this little dandy, a 1909 calendar, girl holding a glass of Coke-- $16,000 or more? This is closely followed by the sign of a woman in a white dress, 1905, that will fatten your bank account to the tune of $15,000 or more. Yes these are the rarest but there are hundreds of items that were made by Coca-Cola that will fetch over $500 and I can assure you they are still out there to be found.

Very important-- there are many reproductions on the market so beware. If you don't know how to spot a reproduction ask someone that does.

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