Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Daryle Lambert: To Make Money We Need a Spring Cleaning

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I have been thinking about what we could do that would make sense in this economy? The first thing that needs to be taken care of is to replenish our bank accounts, but how can we do that? My advice is to take all our marginal items and dispose of them, even if we just break even. By doing that we can upgrade our inventory with better items especially now that prices have been reduced on even the most desirable pieces.

By using and you should be able to rid yourself of items that are just taking up space and holding your cash hostage. If you have purchased with the rules set forth in our guide book “31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles”, your listings will be very attractive to the buyers and should fly off your shelves. I have to admit that there are items that I am tired of looking at so I will be more than glad to see them depart from my sight. Spring is a new awakening and this is when God makes everything fresh and new, right? I believe most of us are ready for the return of that excitement that comes from acquiring new treasures. I know that I am.

However, if you follow what I have suggested, it doesn't mean you're to sit on the cash. It can't be compounded sitting in the bank, so you must buy something. Today I am seeing more and more treasures that are being sacrificed because of the need for cash and this is what we have been waiting for. I just purchased two Ila McAfee paintings for $1500 and they should easily double my money with the right collector. I sold a much smaller one for $2500 several months ago. This is also a great time to return to where you spotted a great treasure that was not in your price range at the time. Today a seller might be willing to negotiate on price to where it fits our standards.

I sometimes forget to mention that while you're using the auction sites you should also list your items on the 31 Marketplace at the same time. In yesterday’s log I showed where one of our members just sold their collector car, a 1968 Cadillac convertible, on our site. The 31 Club is always trying to ensure that the items you purchase will be sold within 90 days or they will become stale. I hope that as soon as we are able to find the person that can manage our technical support, I will become more active in buying and selling myself.

The stories that you as members of the 31 Club share often inspire me into action and I am sure that is true of other members as well. So don't be shy and please let us hear from you

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