Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Daryle Lambert: Walt Disney Even Feels Hard Times.

I was having a harder time than usual writing a blog this morning and then in my closet I found it, the offical Walt Disney Classic Collectible price guide. There was my answer, something that brings back joy but also shows what has happened to the collectible markets in just a short period of time. This can be looked upon as a bad things or an opportunity that we didn't have before.

I am talking about the Walt Disney Classic Collectibles or WDCC's as they are know to the collectors.The way I got introduced to them was went I bought a collection from a lady that had unfortunately allowed her credit card to be use to buy ever piece that was produced. There were actually hundreds of them all packaged in green boxes. It took two trips to her house before I was able to move them all.

Some of you that have been with me awhile know that this collection was part of the reason that Warner became my partner. He went on to organize the “Lotton Glass Club” and is in the process currently of some new wonderful ventures that you will soon be hearing about.

After deposing of the collection with the help of Warner I though that I would never want to see another green box in my life but that didn't last long as I met many serious collectors of these wonderful figurines and enjoyed their fellowship.. It didn't hurt that it added, if I still remember right, perhaps $25,000 to my bank account. These are the items that made me realize that if you can buy a collection it could mean big bucks to you.

These little fellows were introduce in 1992 for $200 or less. There were few exceptions to this but one of those was “A Lovely Dress for Cinderelly“ that came out at $800 and in the after market it reached nearly $3000. But what happened after their introduction was the thing that was amazing. “ Little April Shower” from Bambi was introduced in 1992 for $195 and I believe at its highest was commanding $2000 and this was with 7500 being produced. It didn't stop with just the ones made in 1992 because “Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf” was produced in 1993 with 7500 made and its price was $295 but quickly advanced in value to near $2000. I had people calling me from all over the country wanting to know what I had left. My sells were in the thousands to most of the customers and often they were upset because I had sold pieces before they had a chance to purchase them.

The bubble has burst but I don't thing the love of Walt Disney characters has so now may be a great time to watch for those green boxes with the cartoon characters inside. I looked at eBay and there was the “ Cinderelly Dress” that sold for $1500 . There were many more selling for 50% less than what they did at their peak but you may find them where they could be purchased at 20% of what they were several years ago.

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