Wednesday, February 25, 2009

“Hush Hush Could it be True?” : Daryle Lambert

Jan Brueghel the Elder - Thanks to AskArt

What a day yesterday was, disappointment for one of our members but possibly a bonanza for another. I enjoy waking up each day because I don't know what God has planned for me. Whenever a member of the “31 Club” asks me for information on something they have in their possession, it is like going on a treasure hunt with them.

I received an email from a young lady yesterday asking about a painting she had but that I knew very little about. After our talking about the painting for a while and looking it up on AskArt, I found that if it were truly a piece by the artist, as signed, its value would be from $5000 up. Unfortunately, after having her remove the panel on the back of the painting she discovered that it was a print, bummer. The great thing was her attitude. Without a moment’s hesitation she said, “ I will have to go out and find another one and hopefully it will be real. To that I said “Atta Girl”.

Not the way I hoped my day would start but I know that at least she had the information she needed. What I didn't know was what lay right around the corner on my next email. Checking my computer there was another email about a painting. This time I had my doubts but stranger things do happen so I answered it very promptly. You see this artist sells from $500,000 to $6,000,000.

Contacting the person on the phone it tuned out to be a wonderful lady who said she needed help but didn't know where to turn. I assured her she was at the right place. First, I warned her that the chances of her painting being a true example of the artist’s work were slim but that I needed to ask her some questions. I needed to know if it was signed. She informed me that she hadn't been able to find a signature. At first I assumed this to be a big negative. Next, I asked if she could see the back but was told it was covered by paper. I wasn't getting the answers that I had wished for but I knew not to give up.

Beginning to prepare myself to give her the bad news, I asked what I figured would be my last question, “Is there any writing on the back?” Now was when she caught my attention as she said “Yes there is a museum tag and a label that gives the artist’s name and that it is an oil on panel and the date when he lived.” Wow! This sent me back to the books and guess what I found? Most of his paintings were unsigned. The painting that we were discussing was of a vase of flowers which happens to be what he is known for. The good news is that a painting of flowers could bring in the millions!

I am trying to keep my composure but even the slightest possibility that this is a true work of art is so exciting that I have to pinch myself to stop from day dreaming. I now have the necessary information to track this painting from the museum tag and there should be records of it in their archives. So stay tuned because I am sure that you will be hearing more about this in the near future.

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