Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Daryle Lambert: Time for Humor from the Past

Howdy and Bob - Thanks to www.myspace.com

“Hi I'm Buffalo Bob” was the sound that came from my TV as a young kid and when it did I knew it was time for laughter. Yes, maybe we need a show like that today. It is time to stand up and say we are Americans again and not let the doomsayers devalue what our ancestors gave their lives for. We are the greatest country on earth. There are some that want to relinquish that title, but not me.

I can still see Old Bob saying "What do you want to share with the kids today, Howdy?” If you don't remember Howdy Doody you have missed a real part of what American life was all about from 1947 till 1960 when the Howdy Doody show went off the air. It did reappear in the 70's as a favorite of college students that were recalling their past. For those of you who don't know, Howdy was a red-headed puppet.

Today, if you run across a Howdy doll that measures over 12 inches it could return you $600 to $700. A Howdy swinging from a bar toy with the box could cash in at near $1000. You have Howdy books, games, lamps, puppets and wristwatches that still can bring a smile to your face and a chuckle to your stomach if you are able to remember this wonderful time in our history.

Buffalo Bob and Howdy Doody were symbols of what we stood for as we took time to laugh at ourselves but I'm not seeing much of that today. I yearn for the old shows that made all our troubles seem to fade away but even then we realized that there was hard work to be done. We just didn't complain about it all day.

People back then didn't expect to get everything given to them and they worked hard to educate their children, pay their medical bills and feed their families. Welfare was when you went to the warehouse and received a block of cheese, some powdered milk, and a few other things to get you through tough times. Being an American doesn't mean you get a free ride because I still remember Dad walking to work and Mom pushing the stroller to the grocery store.

If there are people that don't like working or living in this great country and are only looking for what it can give them, then it may be time they go where they think it's better. Please let us that do love this country keep what is left of it. We no longer can provide for those that don't contribute. Free lunches will eventually reduce this great country to a third world status and I have to admit I'm not ready for that.

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