Monday, February 2, 2009

Daryle Lambert: Make Money with Our Equal Opportunity Company

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We have talked about guns and cuff links but what about the ladies’ items? I just discovered that items that women cherish can certainly raise your eyebrows when you find out their value. I never really thought about earrings for instance and only thought them to be adornments, but was I wrong. We won't be discussing the diamond studs because the diamond is the value but what about other earrings?

Designer pieces will always bring value according to the reputation of the designer. As you search for treasure your list of prominent designers should contain many names. These pieces will always make money for you but they aren't the only ones that can. Remember, I’ve shared with you that very often you may find earrings in a jewelry box at a garage or house sale that is completely filled with custom jewelry with the exception of the pair of earrings at the bottom that are 24 ct. gold. The way to buy these is to offer a bid for the entire box because if you pull the earrings out the seller may realize that these should be priced differently than the box.

To give you an idea of designer pieces’ value, here are two sets of earrings: a Cipullo Cartier, onyx rings, three pyramid shaped frosted crystals, 18 K gold, $3000. How about if you came across this set: openwork foliate, circular cut diamonds, textured gold, M. Buccellati, $5000. Depending on the name and quality these pieces can go into the tens of thousands and more. You can see from this that a jewelry box may became a true treasure trove for you.

But how about sets of earrings that aren't designer. Can I make money with them? Good question. Let’s see if I can answer it for you. How about if you came across this set: drop rings, fan shaped top, diamonds, open pearl shaped drop, Art Deco, $6500. Or this one: fluted amethyst teardrop, platinum, diamond link chain, Art Deco, $3500. I think you will agree that you can make money with other than designer pieces

Be sure to have your jeweler’s loupe with you at all times because the stamps on jewelry often are too small to read without assistance. I like to buy my pieces at the value of the metal or less and you may want to adopt that rule

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