Sunday, February 15, 2009

Daryle Lambert: Man's Best Friend

Man's Best Friend - Scottie

Good morning and I do mean “Good Morning”. It is 6:00 on Sunday morning and I just finished taking Katy, my dog, for a walk. God couldn't have made it a more beautiful day. A cloudless, blue sky with the biggest moon you have ever seen greeted us as we walked out the door, and with just a little nip in the air, I felt like I was in heaven. The silence was amazing and my mind began to wander to the last year that we have spent together in the 31 Club. What a year it has been with its trials and successes. But back to the morning.

For the first time I think I realized why people say a dog is man’s best friend. Katy would walk slowly beside me then off she would go to some adventure that I couldn't share but just as quickly she would return to see if I was all right. Patting her on the head to assure that everything was okay, off we would go again. I wish I could say her tail was wagging but she is an Australian Shepherd so she doesn't have a tail. I felt a pure love coming from her that is hard to imagine. Wanting nothing but to be with me, even though I might have left her a little too long before taking her out, but you see that didn't seem to matter.

Being a canine collector in the past, I don't think that I fully got what a dog can mean to you until today. I now know that people don't collect dog figurines and other items showing dogs just because they are beautiful. It is almost a spiritual connection. A person has a connection with his dog that is almost beyond words.

I know now that when I see the Boehm figurine at a house sale I will see it in an entirely different light. Yes, buying that Scottie for $50 and later selling it for $5000 will still be exciting but now I can understand why someone would pay that. Dog memorabilia, like everything else, has dropped in price but that may mean that now is the time to buy again. You see the love for a person’s dog hasn't changed a bit.

There are a few names of companies that product quality dog figurines that I would like for you to remember: Meissen, Doulton, Boehm, Rosenthal, Nyhenburg and Hutschenreuther. Pieces produced by these companies are eagerly sought after by collectors and can add to your bank account.

If you own a dog, give it a special pat on the head today because God has blessed you with it. If you don't own one, I hope now you understand better why people like me do.

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