Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Daryle Lambert: My, How things have Changed for the Ladies

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Did you know that a lady didn't powder her nose in public until after WWII? But after that all was fair game and women, to express their new found freedom, began to carry beautiful and expensive compacts to hold their powder. These compacts expressed the signs of the time and Art Deco was the rage. These were followed by commemorative ones like the World’s Fair compacts. Political items were also very popular and came in a close third.

Things were really swinging after the war and women were ready for a new beginning. The period of Art Deco ushered in a new look for women and they loved it. Bright colors and modern design set women into a new era of beauty and fun. No longer wanting to be considered second class citizens they wanted their time on the stage.

How can this make money for you? Just wait till I share with you some of the values of antique compacts of earlier eras. I believe you will have new respect for the lady’s compact.

The great things about compacts are that they will fit into anyone’s budget. Some were made for the average woman and then there were those that could only be afforded by the wealthy. Compacts produced in plastic and inexpensive metal but with great designs made for items to be cherished by the working woman but then there were also designer compacts by the leading designers of the times, using gold, silver and other precious material. Many were enhanced with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other precious stones.

I was aware that these accessories could be expensive but little did I expect their true value could be as great as $40,000 until I looked them up on eBay. There before my eyes were several that were in the four to seven thousand dollar range. The house and garage sales are treasure troves for this kind of find and the greatest thing is that there isn't any shortage of collectors who are seeking to buy these powder compacts. Yes, most will be between $100 and $500 but if they are purchased for $10 then you have just complete a step or two in your race to the millions. Consignment and white elephant shops are also great opportunities for you.

We don't see many women with compacts anymore but the compacts we can find will still make money for us.

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