Sunday, February 22, 2009

Daryle Lambert: What a Great Day

Together Again

This has started out to be one of the greatest days in a long time for me. Vickie, my wife, returned from Hawaii after nine days and we sure had a lot to catch up on whenever our son, Joshua, would let us get a word in edgewise. I learned a very serious lesson with her being gone and that was that having her home is the most important thing in the world to me. It took hours of talking before I even mentioned the great buys I made yesterday.

After looking at all the wonderful pictures she took, I can fully understand why a person would want to remain there as long as they could. But there is another side of Hawaii and it is the wonderful art and pottery that is produced there. I was watching the Antique Road Show one day and a woman brought in a painting of one of the islands. The appraiser looked very pleased to be seeing the piece and asked what she thought it was worth. I believe that she said that a person had told her it could be quite valuable but she didn't have a real idea as to value. If my memory is correct, it appraised at over $100,000. I have seen many other artists’ works that included scenes from Hawaii and they can become very expensive quickly.

Even if your thing isn't art, Hawaii still has something for you. Travel posters and post cards can bring unexpected money if they are rare and these are still plentiful. Weavings, pottery, and art glass with scenes of Hawaii can bring back memories to the traveler that has experienced the beauty of these islands and they often are willing to pay big bucks for those memories. Owning wonderful items isn’t only for those that have traveled there but also for the ones that wish to in their dreams. Who wouldn't want to own a hula skirt?

The history of Hawaii is fascinating and historical items are much sought after by the collectors. These island were a paradise into themselves before disease was bought to them by outsiders. The history of these islands can hold your interest for years. The history of these people will make you wonder how the world has gotten into the mess that it is in.

If you think something has to be old to be valuable then take a look at this, a 2008 double struck Hawaiian quarter that is struck as a dime. It sold for $13,400. There is a lot of other Hawaiian money that is collected, including both bills and coins, and you should keep your eye out for them.

Here are few other items that caught my eye, a surf board for $5000 and a painting by Jean Charlot for $6200. If you go to eBay there are over 14,000 items listed. Some of the most expensive are time shares, however, you will find enough items that can bring you big bucks that from now on they won't escape your attention.

Maybe next time Josh and I will go with Vickie because hearing her talk about the trip only makes our dreams include a family trip there in the future.

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