Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Daryle Lambert: Beware of Your Experts

Tiffany Studio

I have been in the antiques business for over 45 years so my reputation is very important to me. If it is questioned and I am wrong then I will apologize. Something happened yesterday that I think should be brought to the attention of the 31 Club members.

I was asked to send pictures of the Tiffany center piece that I have listed. The person represented himself as a buyer. When I didn't get a response I emailed him and he informed me it was a fake and he had listed it as such on his website. I think that this is very unprofessional since he didn't inform me of his opinion or give proof of his judgment. If it is fake, I definitely want to remove it from the sale.

It is very important when dealing with others’ reputations that you have your facts straight and there should be no doubt about your stance. In this situation, I have to doubt this man’s honesty because he doesn't even give you his name on the site. I personally have pointed out fakes to my members and it is a shame that there are people that are trying to profit from others lack of knowledge but by doing this I have a very heavy burden of proof. I want to be as equally responsible to the seller as I am to the buyer. This site gives no proof of its judgment on the pieces it states are fake. In fact, he could be doing this to buy real items very cheaply himself.

The protection of this business should always be of the utmost importance to us but don't take everything you hear to heart without testing it. If I had thought a person had a fake for sale I would have contacted him and discussed the possibility that the piece was fake before publicly exposing it as such to the public. Remember that the purpose of making fakes is to sell them as real so there should be many of these pieces around however in over 45 years in this business I haven't seen another one. If you have seen this piece please point me in its direction?

Below you will see my response to him.


My name is Daryle Lambert and I have the centerpiece that you have stated is a fake. I have contacted my attorney and unless you can prove it is a fake by showing another piece like it, I will be forced to file a law suit against you for defamation. This is serious to me because I never want to represent something to be real if it isn't. However you have never seen my piece and I don't think you can show me another one like it, when there should be many if it is a fake. So I would suggest you remove this piece from your page until you have further proof that it is fake. I will wait one week for your reply.

Daryle Lambert

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