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Daryle Lambert: Time to evaluate Ebay vs. and

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Ebay is a dinosaur with a mortal wound and unless it changes its ways it will soon be doomed. If you remember I started writing about the demise of eBay almost a year ago. My suggestion was that they discontinue their listing fees altogether but instead they insulted their members by trick math. The sellers didn't buy this and neither did they buy that sellers could only use paypal and their inflated fees.

Mag Whitman was right in leaving a sinking ship and now it is evident to all the world why. Ebay can still regain their footing but it is going to take a major overhaul from top down. They have the greatest asset that you can have in the Internet business and that is numbers but I believe these are falling at a staggering rate. Unless they are able to match the new business models in the market their stockholders are in for a rough ride. The stock price for eBay has tumbled almost 75% and there may be further to go if they don't implement changes.

There is good knew for the members of the 31 Club and that is the formation of several companies that have put the interest of their customers first. The two that I would like to high lite are and I was first introduced to Onlineauction almost a year ago I think and immediately became a founding member. I was impressed that they allowed their sellers to pay $8.00 for their unlimited listings [ This could be modified in the future ] however up to this time it hasn't. Isn't this sweet, no listing fees or final value fees. They have also started an affiliate program where you can put their banner on your site if you have one and make money by just sharing this wonderful opportunities with others. My contact with the company Frank informed me that the $10 to $25 market is still red hot but they have seen a little slowing at the upper end of these markets.

My second recommendation is This company is perhaps the most forward looking company that I have ever run across. I talked to the founder of and he shared with me his vision. First he decided to have on charges for sellers that placed their item on seeauctions site for a period of time. His reasoning was that first he had to get enough traffic to the site that people would go there to find what they wished to buy. Yes most would have thought that they could do this with advertising but not this man of vision he saw the by giving free listings the sellers would make more money and tell all their friends about this opportunity. This approach I am sure will produce the effect that assures success for Seeauctions.

Both of these companies are capturing more market share ever day while there is no doubt that eBay is losing share. I highly suggest that our members of the 31 Club utilize both these companies in their plans for the future. The 31 Club will continue to monitor the markets and keep you abreast of changes and opportunity for you to increase your profitability.

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  1. Have you ever thought about utilizing spell check and/or proof reading your articles before posting them?