Saturday, February 14, 2009

Daryle Lambert: My Little Buddy.

Valentines Day - Thanks to Flicker

Yes it is Valentine’s Day and I hope that you will take time to be with your loved ones. That little Cupid is always getting into trouble but he sure is a cute little thing, isn't he?

Today isn't so wonderful for everyone and that includes my little buddy that I shared a perfect day with only a few weeks ago. I believe that I can still see everything that his little hands picked up and the shine in his eyes as he asked, “How about this?” Jesus said bring me the little children and I feel the same way. Yes our members have taught me a lot but nothing compared to that of my little buddy.

Here is an email that I just received from Ann Shaw about Andrew’s condition.

[ After a rocky week, Andrew fell into autonomic crisis at 3:50am this morning.

Blood pressure = 174/121 with a Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP) = 135
HR = 150's
Valium needed = 7mg at onset and 5mg 1 hour later

No nurse - Kenny and I are rotating shifts ]

My heart is saddened, however, I know that Andrew still has his wall of humor and it will see him through. That is that special place in Andrew’s room where he has hung pictures of all his favorite old time comedians. If only I had his strength. I usually think of Andrew at least once a day and ask God why this wonderful young man that he created has to be tested in this way when I feel so blessed, but we all know his plan is perfect and part of that plan may be for me to see the strength that God has given Andrew. Oh yes, by the way if you don't know yet, my little buddy is suffering from FD and here is their website

I have an idea. Why don't we all send Andrew a Valentines card? You can address it to the email site above. Let’s together let Andrew know that the 31 Club truly love each other and that we want to lift some of the pain he is suffering from. Boxes of candy, flowers and cards all have great meaning but a simple show of love has no measure.

From all the staff at your 31 Club “Will you be our Valentine?”

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