Thursday, February 12, 2009

Daryle Lambert: Waterford Glass May Shine

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What makes anything become sought after by collectors? Often the reason is availability and when collectors see the discontinuation of production for certain items and availability ceases except for what has already been produced, they start searching every nook and cranny for it . With the closure of the Waterford plants and the very likely possibility that their plants will not be re-opened, the collectors’ interest will increase.

Another place that you can see this reaction is in the art world. You all have heard the phrase “Starving Artist” but do you fully understand its application? Starving artist is a name associated with an artist who is living and sells his wares at prices so low that they often trade a painting for a meal. However, here’s what is interesting. Upon his death, very often the same painting that had no value becomes something that all the collectors fight over and at prices that often reach the sky. I believe this is what will happen with the rarer pieces of Waterford glass.

Waterford that had been selling for $50 to $100 might now sell for $200 to $500 in this new market. You will have the opportunity to pick up some great values at the garage and house sales because they won't know about the increase in value because of the plant closures. The resale shops are also a great hunting ground for Waterford. Often I see large collections of it displayed in these shops when someone has decided that they no longer have a need for this high-end crystal.

Not all of the Waterford lines will have this tremendous appreciation, however, I think all of it will gain some value. The unusual pieces such as chandeliers, large bowls, decanters, compotes and some vases will be the pieces that really shine and they will be the ones where you can really make money.

I personally have been able to buy 12 or more cordials and goblets for $5 to $10 apiece and then sell them for $25 each. Yes, this does qualify for a double and remember, this is what we want to do as we progress up the 31 Steps. The neat thing about Waterford is that you usually don't find just one piece, so by being able to buy in quantity, your profit is multiplied.

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