Friday, February 27, 2009

“Used can Make You Money” - Daryle Lambert

Tomorrows Antiques

I woke up this morning and realized that I have been preparing for the events that are happening for over 10 years. Vickie and I have been buying things that we could not afford for most of our married life. Today is the best time to do that in memory and you will be finding more and more people following my example.

You are asking “Has he lost his mind? I'm not going to spend more money than I can afford in this dismal market.” I think after I explain myself you will be right in there with me.

I wish that I could invite each one of you to my home and then I could show you what I mean. First, as you enter my living room, the focal point is a wonderful china cabinet where I display such items as Meissen figurines, Daum Nancy glass, Steuben and other favorite treasures. The retail price for this cabinet 15 years ago was $25,000 but I purchased it for $1000, I can still see the receipt for the purchase from the furniture store that the previous owner gave me. You know mine looks just as good in my living room as it does in the person’s that paid $25,000 for theirs. Next is a wonderful inlaid cabinet that holds my Rookwood lamp. It cost someone nearly $5000 but it cost me $500. Both these items are in mint condition and I can assure you that at their retail price I wouldn't own them. Are you beginning to see what I am talking about? Who wouldn't love to have quality furniture and other items in their home that they could not afford but with your help they can. The key word is quality and I can give you other examples where loads of money can be made by spying items that will enhance people’s homes and they won't have to pay an arm and leg for them. I call them tomorrow’s antiques.

Here is just another story of where this principle worked. I visited a lady’s home. She was moving but first had to dispose of her furniture. There was nothing but the best of the best in her home and I was honored that she choose me to call first. It was important that the transactions were completed quickly because she needed to get into her new place. In the dining room I spotted a lovely dining room suite and asked the price. “Would you give me $1500?“ was her reply. I asked what she had paid for it and her answer was “$12,000 to $15,000. You bet I included that set in my buys for the day. Later I sold it to a furniture dealer for $4500 and he said it was already sold before he picked it up. This was just one of the fantastic buys I made from her.

Tomorrow’s antiques should be a part of your game plan and I assure you they will fatten your bank account.

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