Saturday, June 26, 2010

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This notice is for those of you who link to our blog through blogspot. On August 1, the new blogs will no longer appear on blogspot but only on the site. We are giving over a month’s notice so that all of our readers will continue to receive the blog by linking to the home page. Blogspot will keep the old blogs, but after the first, they will not receive the new ones.

I have decided that, whatever it takes, I am going to ensure that the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club and its members are #1 in the antique and collectible community in the country. If I have to pull our members across the finish line, that will be what I will do, so hang on.

In my opinion, the classifieds program is the greatest value that a member of our club has received since the club began. To make it so our members can't wait to list their treasures on our site, I am going to give each person who signs up for a package of 10 credits (or $10) another $25 worth of credits free. These credits don't expire and they can be used whenever the member wishes. One credit entitles the member to one listing for 30 days and there is no final value fee. You keep the total amount of the item you sell, less $1. You can also list your items on any other site, as long as if it sells somewhere else, you cancel your listing on our site.

Here is something that I hope you realize. As a member of our club, the classifieds may be the best place in the world for you to purchase treasures for resale. I can hear you asking “How can that be?” Here is your answer. Each of us has our own group of customers, but I often don't have anyone in mind when I purchase what I think is a bargain. I list it in the classifieds at what I want so it will compound my money. You, on the other hand, may have a customer looking for exactly what I'm selling. This is where we work together. You buy it and your customer is more than glad to pay your price, which meets your goal of compounding. I went to a flea market once and before daylight I saw a gentleman crawl into the back of a truck and purchase a hall tree. Before long, I saw that hall tree in another booth and asked if it was the same one that I had seen earlier and it was. Before I left the market, I spotted the same piece in the third location and yes, it had been sold twice and now was up for sale again. You had better believe that each time it changed hands there was profit made.

I know that I have said this until you're tired of hearing it but we are in the business of moving money. If I can double my money in 30 days, then I really don't care what the next buyer gets for my item. In fact, if I don't have a retail buyer for my items, I am more than willing to sell to another dealer, as long as I have made my profit. When dealers buy from you and make money, guess what? They come back looking for more. There are many times when I buy an item for a special person and then I may make 10 times the price I paid, but if I can't sell it quickly the dealers are my second best option.

Tomorrow, I am having a glass dealer coming to my house to view the glass I have for sale. I hope she takes a truck full of my items to her place. Build a broad base where you are always wheeling and dealing. I call this filling your pipeline. I often go to a garage or house sale and end up selling items to people that I meet there because I know what they’re looking for. My store is always open no matter where I am. I was once bowling on a league and started talking to a bowler on the other team. I found out he was a collector and I had something he should buy. The deal was completed and he immediately went up and got a strike, so I didn't try to sell him anything else until the match was over.

I hope to see your ads posted soon and I will make every effort to see that they sell them.

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