Sunday, June 13, 2010

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I am more convinced than ever that the manner in which the members of the Daryle Lambert’s Antiques and Collectibles Club are conducting their business is the best way. I was heading to a NASCAR race in Michigan yesterday and asked Vickie, my wife, if we could stop at a few antique malls along the way. Her response was “sure”. Boy, was that a wasted experience, because after spending a couple of hours at a mall in Michigan City, Indiana, I only asked to see two items, one a Doulton Lambeth piece that proved to be unsigned and the other a Doulton figurine that was overpriced.

This proved to me once again that all the dealers at that mall couldn’t be spending their days just buying the items I was seeing. I am sure that their better items are going on eBay or other auctions, so the question is why do I continue to visit these places. I truly can’t give justification for these visits. I believe that your time may be better spent visiting antique shows where you can at least learn something and that knowledge will pay off for you later.

Saving our money for those special purchases that will compound our money is making more sense to me each and every day. Having all your money tied up in hundreds of items that no one wishes to purchase is a sure path to failure, the way I see it.

The clock collection that I purchased is on the way to the clock convention in Pennsylvania where its new owner will pick it up, but that is another story. I met the gentleman, Rich, who is going to transport the clocks to the new owner for me. When I arrived at my customer’s home, he was already there. I had my Owensboro, Kentucky tee shirt on and Rich asked why I was wearing it. After I told him, he shared with me that he had lived in Owensboro for 10 years. We went out to eat after he packed the clocks and it seemed that together we knew almost everyone in Owensboro. We now have a gentleman who will be a clock expert for us. He told me that most of the clocks he buys are added to his collection. He also said that the more expensive the clock, the more he personally would be interested, so don’t be bashful when it comes to clocks from now on.


I won’t be listing this weekend but Monday I have items to list lined up around my entire office. If you have tried to list any items in the classifieds but had a problem, please contact Ondre.

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