Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Collectibles are Moving – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Are they for you?

Longwy - Thanks to Sheryls-Artdeco.co.uk

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Yes we are having our share of growing pains, but we are getting there. So if you run into any problems using our new services, please notify Ondre right away. I believe after just a couple of days in use that the classified program is going to be our biggest success. But it may be time for me to share what is happening in the field and Gary's email will do that quite well.


Your blog today has inspired me to share a couple of my success stories and also ask you a question on an item I purchased a few weeks back.
First the success stories. A few months back I purchased a Royal Copenhagen covered urn with putti finial at an estate sale for $25.00. I sold that piece a few weeks ago for $202.00 to a gentlemen from South Korea.
My other treasure I found was a Trico vacuum fan at a yard sale two weeks ago which I purchased for $10.00. I just sold that fan this past weekend for $129.50. Those two items have definitely shown me how great your program is.

Now for my question. In the attachment is photos of a bike I bought at a yard sale three weeks ago for $25.00. The woman I bought the bike from said she bought it at a flea market several years back and the elderly woman she bought it from only said that she had owned it for "quite some time". I do not know if the bike is a toy, salesman sample or just a decorative piece.

Finally I want to thank you for broadening my horizons as far as the antique and collectible business goes and also thank the Lord for continuing to guide our steps in our search for treasures. Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.

The way I figure Gary turned his money 10 times, $35 into $331.50. That is in a matter of weeks so what would happen if he only did this every 3 months? The only way this won't happen for you is if you don't get started.

Let me share a real story that also happened to me. I just purchased a group of glass and one of the pieces was sitting on a pottery bowl turned upside down to make a display for the piece. Since I was buying the whole group of glass, I really didn't take much note of the bowl until today. I was listing the glass and ran into the pottery bowl so I thought “Why not do a little research on it?” even though I didn't think it was much. It was marked Longwy and had a rather distinctive mark, so it took a little time to research the mark. When I finally found it and searched for items with that mark, my eyes almost popped out. The display that no one thought much of might well be worth over $2000. This just proves that you can find a treasure among trash.

This is just another story to illustrate how knowledge can set you free. What have you learned this week about antiques and collectibles? If the answer is nothing then what are you waiting for? If you live in Chicago, I would bet you have learned that the Blackhawks lead the Flyers 3 to 1 but how much money has that knowledge made you? 

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