Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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When I talk to people these days, it is as if they are zombies. Everything is in the dumpster never to be retrieved again. “Why buy anything?” they ask “because it can't be sold.” Here is a question for you. Is that true? My answer is “no” but you would expect that from me. Now I am going to share the other side of this story with you.

My friend, Whitney, stopped to talk the other day and this is her story. Whitney bought my book over a year ago and she and a friend decided to follow the “31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles” program. Her friend found a designer dress which she purchased for about $100, if my memory serves me right, and soon sold for $3000. I didn't hear from Whitney for a few months but when I did she had found some ivory which was purchased again for just a few dollars but sold for $2500. This was while others were starting to freeze up and say that nothing was happening. Yes, I would be the first to admit that the economy has made it a little harder, but that is when the real treasure hunters get going.

The last show that I watched of the American Pickers was amazing and I wish that all my readers will go to the American Pickers site and view some of their shows. Watching them, you would never guess that the antique and collectible business wasn't the greatest ever. Time after time, they are able to pull treasures out of trash and then go on to the next stop.

I hear you “What about Whitney?” It seems her friend was visiting a house sale and really hadn't found much of interest until she headed out the door and noticed two bronze lion figures holding the door. She asked their price and the lady screamed “What's the price on the lions?” The answer soon came as “$250 each” began to echo throughout the entire house. Whitney's friend said “sold” and then they worried about how to get them to her car because they were large and heavy. A couple of the workers, taking pity on her, brought the lions to the car and off she went. Getting home and not finding the answer to what her new found treasures were worth, she found an appraiser of bronze that soon gave her an answer that took her breath away. It seems that the pair are by a well known artist. The give away price would be $10,000, but at auction they may even reach $20,000 or higher.

If you are one of those who feel that the antique and collectible markets are finished, you need to talk to Whitney and her friend. 

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