Monday, June 28, 2010

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I have always been interested in drums and it might be explained by my total lack of musical talent. But anyone can bang on a drum, right? In the first grade, when I was only six, we were required to buy a small flute like instrument. After one week my teacher said that I could take mine home and that meant that my music days were over. Even then, however, if I passed by a set of drums I would have to beat out a little rat-a-tat tat on them.

So as members of our Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club search for the other instruments, I keep my eyes out for drums. Yes, it is my dream to find an old Indian drum or better yet a Civil War one and it would be almost unthinkable if I came across one from the Revolutionary War. But to get back to reality, there is great value in the more contemporary drums that most would still call "vintage".

It was shocking to find that you can still find original Indian drums for just a few hundred dollars. A Civil War one may set you back just a little more. I am not sure about the Revolutionary drums, but in my opinion, these would be fairly expensive. But the real value seems to be in the newer drums and I can see why. Some of you may still be old enough to remember Buddy Rich and Gene Kupa and what they could produce from a set of drums. It was almost magical to hear them play. Even Ringo Starr was above average for a drummer and then you come to some that the real young music lovers say are the best there has ever been such as John Bonham of Led Zeppelin and Van Hallen of Black Sabbath. To be fortunate enough to find a set of drums with these drummers' signatures on them would set you back more money then I have. Just sets like the ones these drummers used would cost you thousands today.

As always when I write a blog I check eBayThere is a set of Ludwig Buddy Rich drums listed at $6000. For just one snare drum the listing is $3000. I had to look at over two full pages of listing before I found a set under $1000. Keep your eyes open for the vintage drums and I believe they will qualify for your treasure list.

My friend John just bought a set of drums, for I believe $100 or less and they are now in the hands of a person who was willing to pay $500 for them. After the kids are out of the house, it seems that parents are more than willing to part with their drums.

I just wonder if Vickie would allow me to have a set. On second thought, I don't think I will try my luck with that. 

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