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The collector market is so interesting because it grows slowly and then explodes. At first, items that eventually become collectible are often thrown away because they are just taking up space, no longer have any use or they have become outdated. Some of you who are as old as I am can remember when this happened to radios and televisions. Those same items that I remember sitting beside the road for the trash man to pick up are now commanding thousands of dollars.

So would you like for me to share with you what the next trash to riches items are going to be: computers. No, there won't be many people collecting the computers that I first remember because they were as large as a medium size room, but their parts may very well be valuable today. Those old computers were magnetic reel to reel units and the tape might very well be something that the collectors could be searching for to add to their computer collection today.

What I'm talking about are the vintage computers such as the early Macs. It seems almost impossible how the computer has changed over the last 50 years and I don't think we have seen anything yet. I am hearing that the hard drive computers are going to be obsolete very soon and all information will be kept on mega computers.

I am now seeing 1970 Macs selling for $400 or more and that figure will continue to appreciate. Here is the good news. If you keep your eyes open at the next garage or house sale, I will promise you that they can be purchased for under $25. Don't forget about those early IBM computers either because they also are bringing more money as we speak. There are 70's and 80's computers listed on eBay for over $2000. Here are a few other names to watch for: Compaq, Hewlett-Packard and Rockwell.
The dealers will soon be scouring the market for these machines so you may have a limited time to find them before the public catches on.

Once something becomes obsolete then people want it back. To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, the old farm wagon no longer has a use in this modern society but if you find a tin Owensboro Wagon sign, you call me. I have customers for all of the Owensboro signs you can find but not many want the wagons for themselves.

If you stay ahead of the trends, you will make more money than you can spend. Just don't fall behind the trends because that can be fatal to you profits. 

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