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 Fern Vases by Phoenix Glass

Remember that I continue to say “Buy the best that you can find”. Well I am going to give you an example of where this can really help in your success. Most dealers think of Phoenix glass as second class glass and they would be right if you were talking about the common pieces produced by the Phoenix Glass Company, but there are exceptions and I found two.

If you check the Glass Encyclopedia for Phoenix glass, you will see the Fern Vase on the left hand side of the page, as well as a picture of a paper label used from 1933-36. The label says Sculptured Artware, then Phoenix plus the picture of an eagle. Well I just purchased a pair of these very vases and I have to admit they may be the best molded glass pieces that I have ever owned. In addition, they have the paper label. The design is so impressive that I doubt I can do it justice in my description. The design must stand out at least 3/8 of an inch from the vase itself. They are about 7” in height and have a classic shape. These vases were definitely purchased together and I believe that makes them twice as valuable.

Here is the great part of the story. I purchased them for $10 and, if I am correct, any Phoenix collector would pay $500 for them and that might be cheap. Now that is what I am talking about when I say the best will make you smile when it is sold. Can you figure the percentage profit on that trade? This I promise you. If this was your trade and you took the $500 and made the same percentage again on your next trade, you would be well on your way to success to the tune of $25,000. That is the lesson to be learned from compounding. All your trades don't have to be just simple compounding but they can be much more.

There was a Phoenix Glass 1928 Ruba Rombic fish bowl and stand that sold on eBay for $8029. To be totally honest, however, you might find a piece of Phoenix for $25 if you would settle for a more common piece, but that isn't what we are looking for, is it?

Many of the Phoenix pieces like the love birds and parrots will sell from $250 to over $500. Still if you are able to purchase them for under $25 that wouldn't hurt your feelings, would it? You will find most Phoenix Glass without a label so you will have to study so that you will know their patterns. What might seem common to most might just prove to be a treasure to you. 

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