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We all know that chinaware, and especially tableware, brings very little in the market, don't we? But could we be mistaken? I usually figure I will not spend over $200 for a serving for 12 in most patterns so this isn't a big deal for me. But this week has changed my mind a little because I purchased several sets of plates in a package deal and really gave them very little consideration in valuing the package.

WOW! Was I surprised when I researched two of the sets of these plates. I priced the sets at $750 each and that may very well be only half of their value. You can see these plates on our website under china in the classifieds. These two sets comprise only about 25% of the china I purchased and I will be in the black for the whole trade if only one set sells.

Here is the greatest part of listing them on our site. I will be able to keep all the money they bring less one dollar. Isn't that great? By using our classifieds, we will be able to increase our profits substantially because of the low selling cost. Here are a few names to watch for in chinaware: Meissen, Wedgwood, Hutschenreuther and Royal Worcester. Most of the patterns made by these companies, if they are older, should bring $50 to $100 per plate and often much more. I can't wait to see the other sets that I haven't even unwrapped yet. My favorites are the purple ones for now and after you see them you might agree.

Can you imagine what the platters and serving pieces would bring in these patterns when the plates sell for over $100 each? I would have to get a bank loan to purchase a full set of these dishes. But here is a tip. You don't have to find sets if the plates are special enough because they are often used to decorate a china cabinet or table by themselves.

This is a special lesson to learn. Even though the humble plate usually has the least value in the entire china service of any piece, there are ones that can really make you money if you take time to research them. I have found that chinaware made before the start of WWII seems to be the highest in demand. This may be because so many of the finest china factories were destroyed during the war. It never fails to amaze me how things have changed. I would loved to have visited the home in Boston where these dishes were used. It must have been a sight to behold as you entered their dining room and were seated in front of a formal setting of china with only the best crystal and silverware to complete the effect. Taking the wonderful linen napkin and placing it in my lap and admiring the stunning tablecloth would have made even me feel special. No paper plates or tablecloths for this family. What have we become but a throw away society? Oh, for the good old days, but I must stop dreaming and take Josh to McDonalds.

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