Wednesday, June 9, 2010

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For a couple of days now, I have been working with my son Josh on the film that he is doing for me on our visit to the Chicago Antique Market. I asked him what he really liked to collect. To my surprise, he said coins. When I asked if he still had the ones I had given him over the years, he said “yes”.

So, as we took a break, Josh brought out his collection. I noticed a group of coins tied together, each one in its own case. I asked where he had got them and he said “from you Dad, don't you remember?” 

The coins were all the same 1922 D Lincoln pennies marked extra good to fine. Still not ready to go back to editing of the film, I decided to check the pennies out on eBay. Lo and behold, they were $50 each. I thought my eyes were deceiving me, . My first thought was “How can I get them back?” Just kidding!

It didn't take me long to run the figures, $50 times 14 equals $700. I asked Josh if he was sure he wanted to keep them longer and his answer didn't surprise me at all. “Yes”, he said. I have to do some work on that son of mine about when it is time to sell. But this got me to thinking about how we at the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club could profit from this story. 

First, we should mention to everyone we know that if they have any coins that have been stashed away for a long period time, we would be interested in buying them. I could hardly count the number of times that a person has said “Do you buy coins?” to me. Then they shared with me that their father or mother had collected them when they were young. Coins definitely fit my rules for buying because they are smaller than a bread box and it seems that the interest in collecting them is on the increase. My coin collection paid for my college education and at the rate of $50 for a penny, Josh may be on the same course. 

Second, don't be afraid to buy coins at auction. My friend, Cecil, purchased several coins at an auction in Evansville, Indiana, only to sell them for hundreds more than he paid a short time later. If you do buy at auction, be sure that you have an up to date price guide and you preview the auction several days before its actual date. Coins sell very well on eBay and many of the other auctions like Online Auction and See Auction, so it would be very simple to sell any coins you purchase. 

The third thing to do is post 4 by 6 cards everywhere someone will let you, saying “I buy coins” and giving your phone number. This has been very profitable for many people I know. While you’re at it, be sure that you mention that you also buy ink pen collection. Why pens, you ask. Well, I will just let you do a little research and I think that you will be able to answer that question yourself. If I give you all the answers you may get bored, so I hope that it is okay if I just tease you a little from time to time. I will give you a hint, however, it has something to do with gold. 

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