Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our Time – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – What a week!


Perseverance is a key element in success and don't you ever forget it. The Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club has weathered many storms. When others have said it couldn't be done, here we are still growing. Never did you, the members of our Club, let us forget that we were working for you, and with your help we are almost there. This week has been the culmination of hard work by Ondre, Bob, myself and many others. Chris, Cindy, Warner, Clarke and Cecil are just a few of the names that helped us keep our dreams alive but now the world is going to see what this effort has provided. With the support of Mary, Lou Ann, Vicki and many others, we have managed to stay the course. To thank everyone would take hundreds of blogs, but you know who you are and we thank you.

Our relationship with the Antique Trader and Chicago Antique Market will provide a launching pad for our company and I assured both of them that we would do everything within our power to help in their growth as well as bring the excitement back to Antiques and Collectibles. The weekend spent with Eric and Sally convinced me that their future as well as ours is bright and on the edge of greatness.

Just this week, the Club was instrumental in acquiring several hundred quality items that will be coming to market as quickly as possible. These include a large collection of vintage clocks, some gold gilded, a huge collection of toys and a life long collection of boys’ adventure books. When you throw in fabulous china, wonderful rugs, a large amount of enameled glass, furniture, bronzes, pottery and prints, it may take months just to get it all listed. I am also hearing that many of our members are having the same success that the club is experiencing. It seems that practicing perseverance has started to pay off for the entire community that we are building.

Now I am going to give you just a little preview of what is coming. If you will simply take a look at the buttons on the bar at the center of our home page, you will see that there has been an addition. Ondre and Bob surprised me yesterday by completing all the outstanding tasks that I wish to be able to present to our members. This isn't the formal announcement, but it will give you just a little preview.

Ondre will be giving me the final okay tomorrow and press releases will be sent to the major outlets. I will have far more details about the exciting additions to the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club. For the first time since I began this adventure, I feel that the end is in sight and all the hard work will prove to be a gift to all who join us. Yes, to all of you that know me, we have landed on Treasure Island.

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