Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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I was having a rather dismal day yesterday with the stock market down 300 points and then my brother, Roger, who was headed my way called to say his truck broke down and he would be very late.

When he did arrive, I helped him bring in some home grown corn and squash and a few jars of tomato juice. Then he told me that my daughter had sent me a Rubbermaid tub of items from my mother's estate. I really didn't expect much and I wasn't surprised with what I found. There were a lot of old pictures and lots of papers from years back that needed to be thrown away. There were a few things, however, that were worth keeping. Perhaps the best item was a scrapbook filled with paper articles from when I had played baseball, football, tennis and golf. These I think would be items that my children might like to keep. Horrors! I also found some of my old grade cards. I didn't know that you could put so many C's, D's and E's on one report card. I showed it to Joshua and told him that I guessed I would have to be satisfied with his five A+'s, Four A's and two A-'s.

This story doesn't end there, however, because in the bottom of the tub was a large plastic bag containing coins and bills. After counting everything I found that there were 40 silver dollars and a large amount of halves, quarters and dimes, all of which were silver. I didn't count the pennies or nickels but I am sure there are several hundred of those. Remember me telling in my book that I sold my coin collection to pay for my college? It seems that I continued to collect a few items and had my mother hold them for me.

Just at first glance I am sure that the coins and bills will be worth several thousand dollars. I hope to get Joshua's interest in collecting American coins going and that with this start he will follow the guidelines for our Club. By the time he enters college, his education should be paid for like mine.

I hope this story will be an encouragement for many of you to start your children in this direction. You will hopefully be seeing Josh's listings in our classifieds very soon. I haven't heard if any of you have placed your 4 x 6 card in public places advertising for coins but if you haven't there is still time.

With silver dollars selling at $20 or more, it only takes a few of them to really mount up. Buying collections of coins now may allow you to purchase silver dollars for $5 to $7 dollars each. Don't be surprised if you find ones selling for $50 or more in the group you purchase. I believe silver is a better investment than gold because it is being used up while gold is just being accumulated.

You should be using all the free methods of advertising available to you right now while silver and gold are at their peaks. Coins can always be moved very quickly so you won't have your money tied up for long. That is the type of investment we are looking for. I will be reporting on Josh's progress. 

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