Friday, June 11, 2010

The Challenge – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – They have heard us

This notice is for those of you who link to our blog through blogspot. On August 1, the new blogs will no longer appear on blogspot but only on the site. We are giving over a month’s notice so that all of our readers will continue to receive the blog by linking to the home page. Blogspot will keep the old blogs, but after the first, they will not receive the new ones.

I have been telling all who would listen to me that our day was coming and I think that it has arrived. Not as fast as I would have liked, but be assured Ondre and Bob have done a yeoman's job and for that we should all be thankful. I have talked to two separate people of prominence who have said that they would like to promote our effort, but first we needed to show them that we were going to make it. When asked how that would look, they both said that our numbers needed to increase and then they would have reason to promote us.

The Classified Program is what will put us on the map, so I asked them if getting 1000 listings in a reasonable period of time would suffice. Their answer was “yes” because then they would have something to share with their readers. So here we go gang, the ball is now in our court. It has been the staff’s aim to give our members and readers the best chance for success possible and it must be a team effort from here. I ask you to share our program with your friends and neighbors and you can even do as one of our members did yesterday. She sponsored a friend.

When the word gets out, you can bet that each one of us will benefit in a huge way. At the same time, we can also really be teaching others how to fish for themselves. The community that we are building will change how others think about antique and collectible dealers. With your help, we can rewrite a play book where trust will once again be center stage rather than fear of being taken advantage of.

I am in a full court press myself to list 500 items within the next two months and I hope you are following all the new listings in the classifieds. I was asked today if the classifieds could be used for ordinary items and my response was “I hope that we don't want to become what so many of the flea markets are, just a place to sell tube socks”. You know if something is collectible and our stated purpose to set the standard in the antique and collectible industry.

No, I haven't stopped writing on items that you need to know, but if you were in my seat and heard all the stories where members are staking out their territory, soon most of my blogs would be coming from the members’ successes. We have one member who has fallen in love with ink pens and another who has chosen art glass. I am still waiting for more of our members to post their want ads because in the future I hope a large percentage of their calls may be from responses to their ads.

Now back to that challenge. As we grow, you will see how that growth helps each individual member. Believe me, the Club will be behind your every effort. In fact, I believe that you will see something new very shortly that will increase your chances of selling your treasures on the site by 1000%. I will leave you with that little tease.

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