Friday, May 1, 2009

“Spring Has Sprung for the Antique and Art Business” - Daryle Lambert

Spring has Sprung- Thanks to

I was just beginning to enjoy the spring flowers and the return of the Robins and Redbirds. There didn't seem to be any reason to get in a hurry because nothing was happening anyway. That was until this week, when regardless how hard I try, I simply can't catch up. First, however, let me share with you a story from one of the members of the 31 Club and I believe you will agree things are happening for her too.

This is an email I receive from Vicki H. that will let you know she is in the “Million Dollar Race.”

Hi Mr. Lambert,

I wrote to you several months ago regarding the large Silver Candlesticks I bought from an estate sale for $600. Well, they just sold at Dumochelle's auction for $2500.00! I am so excited about it! I am also frightened by the prospect that my earnings which amount to $1819.00 will now need to be re-invested. I don't know what to turn to now?

I thought perhaps more silver? But am unsure. Also, I wondered if you would be interested in purchasing that Cowboy painting I got back last year. It didn't sell on ebay for $25. And has now been sitting in my antique booth for months and won't sell for $150. I don't know where else to try to sell it. The biggest problem with it I think is what shipping costs would be, because of the large frame. Any help with this is appreciated.

I am re-energized now and am looking forward to finding more treasures! I am taking the trip to the spring longest yard sale next month and hope to find lots of good things! If all goes well Colleen and I are going on the August Longest yard sale too. By the way - Loved the blog on Art Glass and I joined Warner's club. It looks fantastic!

Best Wishes, Vicki H.

Those are the kind of stories I like to share and I hope that I will be receiving one from you soon. Back to my week. First, I had an email from a woman who wanted to sell me a Quezal vase which I immediately accepted. Second, I completed two sales on eBay: a painting and then a Weller Jardinière and Pedestal. But this was just the start of things to come. I have been offered paintings by Ellen Farr and William Horton. The gentleman that offered the Horton was representing a client and when he told his client that he had offered it to “Daryle” in Chicago the man started to laugh. You see the seller and I are great friends but over the last few years we had just sort of drifted apart. He lives in California and we have had many great deals together. I am sure that we will keep in touch from now on. What a small world.

Just when I thought that things couldn't get better, are you ready for this? I was offered $50,000 worth of art work by an artist that I search for from two seperate sources. There are a total of eleven different paintings and I feel certain that many of them will be mine tomorrow. Here is the greatest part. Several of these pieces will go to present customers of mine and will never see the auction market.

The number of inquires that I am receiving each day is also on the rise so that tells me that our members are getting more active also. With this season starting off like this, I can only imagine what the summer is going to be like for us as this business gets in full bloom.

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